Agerola is the oldest village in the Amalfi Coast, since the first traces of human presence in the area most likely date back to the Early Iron Age.

The clean air regenerated by the nature surrounding Agerola is enriched with iodine brought from the sea, thus justifying the term “locus amoenus”.

Far from the hectic activity of seaside resorts, yet close to the most precious places of the Amalfi Coast, the town of Agerola has been the destination of important historical figures such as Francesco Crispi and Benedetto Croce.

Every year in Agerola there are numerous folkloristic and religious events that attest to the will to keep up a cultural heritage fading into the mists of time.

Among its many and most significant events and due to the number of visitors they can attract, we herewith mention:

– the Holy Week procession, which takes place in the hamlets of Bomerano and S. Lazzaro during the Easter period.

– the Fior di Latte Festival (cow milk mozzarella), held in Pianillo on the first Sunday of August.