Sorrento, how many definitions have been ascribed to this resort, one of the most renowned destinations in international tourism ever.

Sorrento is the homeland of the poet Torquato Tasso, born here in 1544, and one quote of his goes: “Sorrento of kindness; Sorrento, land of colors; Sorrento, land of mermaids; Sorrento, citadel of gardens of orange and lemon groves…”

In each one of these definitions we find a truth because, indeed, Sorrento is a charming little town where kindness and hospitality are a combination of traits handed down from generation to generation. Sorrento, without unnecessarily being rhetoric, is indeed the land of colours: bright or soft hues, depending on the changing seasons. Just pause and look at how evocative a sunset can become as your gaze gets lost into Punta del Capo (“Cape’s Point”), the isles of Ischia and Procida, whose silhouettes you can clearly follow, and end up amazed at the variety of colors and the splendour of the entire scene. And, possibly from the sea, just watch the majestic tufaceous ridge changing its hues at every hour of the day. And thus, why not let your mind go back in time with a dash of your imagination to see some Greek swift ships cut through the waves as Ulysses is firmly tied to a master tree and listens safely to some sirens’ dangerous song at sea…

Today Sorrento is a modern town with over a hundred receptive hotel establishments. It is the home to the prestigious and rich Correale di Terranova Museum, which houses important exemplars of this city’s history. Since the 18th century Sorrento also became famous for its great handicraft tradition of inlaid wood, some examples of great value can be admired at the Bottega della Tarsia Lignea Museum, located in an ancient 18th century palace in the old town.

Moreover, Sorrento hosts some important cultural, musical, and cinematic events, besides being an ideal starting point for all other tourist destinations in its environs.