Italian cuisine is one of the most appreciated in the world, and at Masavillas We thought of our amateur chefs or simple cooking enthusiasts.

A fantastic villa overlooking the sea and surrounded by the scents of the beautiful Mediterranean will be your”open air kitchen”

You will learn the secrets of Italian cuisine, immersed in a dream setting: skilled chefs selected specially for you, will guide you to discover our unique flavors.

You will learn to prepare a true Italian pasta “al dente” and to make the house’s famous “pizza margherita”, as well as to prepare some of our typical desserts: tiramisu, the baba, the “lemon delight” the Neapolitan pastries, with which to impress your friends when you return home.

How else to end this wonderful experience if not feeling what your hands have prepared, but on our beautiful terrace! Our terrace is the ideal setting fora lunch or a dinner made entirely from you !!

Ask our staff for a quotation and a full service detail.