Thursday, December 17th, 2020

The sandal is perhaps the oldest shoe ever, but how did it become the typical garment of the Amalfi Coast over time, so that it was called Sandal Caprese or Sandal Positano?

Worn for the first time by the ancient Egyptians, “inventors” of the first flip-flop, they are then universally associated with ancient Rome, where everyone, from common people to emperors, wore this comfortable and durable model.

From Rome, even from ancient Egypt, why are they now associated with our Divine?

sandali capresi antichi impero romano

The Roman emperor Tiberius, who we can define as one of the first “influencer” in history, used to run off to Capri and once he retired from political life he settled there.

Those particular flat sandals, fastened at the ankles, became a must for all islanders, until they spread over the entire coast: this is why “Caprese sandals” or “Positano sandals” are produced.

The tradition continues today, where in the streets of the various villages there are a lot of artisans who work closely with tourists, becoming themselves a local attraction conquering various figures of the star system, from Bridgette Bardot to Sophia Lauren.

sandali capresi artigianali bottega

The most famous Capri shop is Amedeo Canfora, born in 1946 in Via Camerelle, where “model K” sandal was created, dedicated to a little renowned person: Jackie Kennedy.

We also suggest Cuccurullo Capri Sandals boutique which produces sandals for men, women and children since 1950.

From a simple leather sandal with laces, Capri sandals have been embellished with increasingly precious materials and applications, up to the modern birth of Jewel Sandals to give a fashion touch to summer outfits.

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