Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020

The topic of this article, considering the period in which we find ourselves, is perhaps not the best, but when it ends we will have a great need to have fun!

One of the most dreamed imitated and characteristic places of Amalfi Coast, close to our Villas, in the splendid Praiano: What are we talking about? Africana Disco Club, of course.

africana disco club discoteca 2

Since 1962, this spaecial Disco Club has involved all visitors and inhabitants of the Amalfi Coast: 800 square meters of natural caves,10 meters above sea level and a large terrace with seaview. A monument of the Italian nightlife that in this complicated summer has decided to be closed.

In an interview with Positanonews, Nello Fiorentino, DJ for fifteen years said:

“The decision was painful but we cannot complain about our choice, because it is the right one and we know it.
We just have to adapt to the consequences of this situation, we can’t open a nightclub.
It is impossible to think that social distancing can be respected in a place like a night club”

africana disco club discoteca esterno

And to the question about the possible reopening:

“If the virus is gone, we will open in 2021.
But we are ready to delay the reopening if the problem is not extinguished.
Whoever comes here comes to dance, if he can’t do it, we can’t open it ”

A courageous decision , we can’t wait to get back on track with the splendid Amalfi Coast as our background.

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