Divine ‘900 is the tribute that Masasette wants to pay to the Amalfi Coast, the ‘Divine’, by telling its story with images depicting the slice of a past which is still present nowadays. A past made of traditions and customs that over time have become the emblem of this whole territory.

Landscapes, fishermen, craftsmen, lemons, donkeys and above all the many common people who helped preserve and pass on the soul of this precious and unique Pearl that is termed the Divine.

The magical eye of the photographer Scala from Praiano, a historical admirer and interpreter of the Coast, will take you to the PLACES that were home to so many artists of “the soul”. He will take you to the alleys those arts and crafts were born in, where today they still find their splendour in the mood which has always nourished the lifestyle of our Coast and territory, and in the DOLCE VITA that created a subtle common thread between the Hollywood of the 60s and the Hollywood of our times.

Here you will discover that our Coast is truly a place where Time has its own time and Space Its own borders allowing your soul and Heart their rightful rest. A place that Johann Wolfgang Goethe eternalized in his “Italian Journey”with these following verses:


You know that land where lemon orchards bloom,

Its golden oranges aglow in gloom,

That land of soft wind blowing from blue skies,

Where myrtles hush and the laurel’s high?

Do you know that land?

That way! That way

I’d go with you, my love, and go today.

You know that house, its roof on colonnades,

The halls agleam, the rooms of gems and jades?

The marble statues eying all I do:

“Oh wretched child, what have they done to you?”

Do you know that house?

That way! That way

I’d go with you, my guardian, today.

You know that mountain and its clouded peak?

The path through mist that hooves of donkeys seek?

In caves the ancient dragon-spawn now rove

The crags leap down, and waters burst above.

Do you know that place?

That way! That way,

O Father, lies our path! Let’s go today!

– Poem Translation by A.Z. Foreman & Stefano Schiavone