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The Angel Flight

Have you ever heard of the “Angel Flight“? It isn’t a story or an allegorical image, but it’s a unique and tangible experience. A real round trip flight: safely tied by a special harness , hooked to a 1.5 km-long steel cable that connects two towns , Castelmezzano and  Pietrapertosa ,  in Basilicata.

The passage between the two flight stations, located on the Lucanian Dolomites, one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of Italy, takes place in about 80 seconds, reaching a speed of 120 km per hour at a height of 300 meters. Each flight takes You across the open space between these two municipalities, giving you a unique emotion and one unforgettable show.

You can experience this emotion alone with a single flight, or share it with another person for a unique experience in Italy and for the wild nature of the landscape, in the world.

“Now Angel Flight is known throughout Italy and among the starting platforms there are people of any age and of many different nationalities. From 12 years up it is possible to fly accompanied by parents, while from 16 even alone. We had many 80-year-olds who decided to do it, they were enthusiastic. Most visitors come from Puglia, Campania and Lazio, but also from Lombardy and Tuscany. Before the COVID-19 emergency, the percentage of international arrivals instead stood at 10/12%. In this case, most of visitors came from the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland “ said Flight Administrator Caivano in an interview with Repubblica.

“There is also a tourist offer that is not limited to those 80 seconds of flight, what it pays for our unique structure is the possibility of visiting two villages in the same day, moving one common to the others thanks to the Flight which, thanks to two lines, allows round trips “.

An incredible activity, perfect for spring and easily accessible from the Amalfi Coast: pure adrenaline to your holiday relaxation!!!