Amalfi Coast Luxury Villas

Promontories, fjords, coves, caves, breathtaking views: the approach to the Divine can only and exclusively be aesthetic, of absolute enjoyment. And yet, faced with this “land beyond the sea, where the waves meet the mountains” (Longfellow), one of the first temptations that attacks the visitor is that of mystical asceticism.

If there is one place in the world where it is easy to trace creation back to a single Intelligence and Creativity, this place is the Amalfi Coast.

In reality, this tiny strip of the Salerno territory represents the sum of many specificities that coexist harmoniously with each other, in an almost supernatural symbiosis that blends landscape suggestions and testimonies of art, history, culture and civilization.

We are faced with the triumph of biodiversity, in the broadest sense of the term: here every square meter is kissed by typicality. This is true both for the characteristic lemon, the Amalfi “sfusato”, as well as for the local handicraft products, above all the artistic ceramics of Vietri sul Mare.

The echoes of absolute that emanate from all these “uniqueness” represent the true mystery, unsuccessfully investigated for centuries, of the Amalfi Coast. Certainly the sun, the sea and the enchanting landscapes are not enough to fully represent the soul of the territory.

Perhaps the arché, the principle of all things, can be traced back to the “genius loci”: Amalfi, Positano, Praiano, Minori, Maiori, without forgetting the other small towns, would never have been able to unleash so many suggestions if, in the course of centuries, the hand of man had not been so inspired in respectfully shaping the territory according to universal aesthetic canons, universally recognized and shared. On the other hand, the beautiful pages that different artistic sensitivities, and of different cultures, have dedicated to the Amalfi Coast would not be explained otherwise: from Ibsen to Steinbeck, from Boccaccio to Fubini, to Gregorovius.

Wanting to pay duty to a cliché, it can be said that the Coast is a “free port of the spirit”, meaning by this a place where the tensions of the world are dissolved, vanish, and man is alone in front of the mystery of its nature, enhanced by so much splendor.

Thirty-seven kilometers of coast, south-north, from the gates of Salerno to the Sorrento peninsula: up along the asphalt strip, or downwards sliding on the water at the foot of those rock giants, behind every curve there is a new wonder, here everything is the patrimony of humanity.