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Sai che Praiano ha un elemento artistico in comune con Barcellona?

Hai mai sentito parlare di Park Güell nella città catalana?

Designed by the genius of Antoni Gaudi at the beginning of the last century, it is a city-garden where ceramics and architecture blend into the surrounding landscape.

Starting from this inspiration, AgendaPraiano gave life to the Praiano NaturArte Project which consists of a series of itineraries scattered around the town that allow you to admire ceramic works created by the best artists of the coast.

The particular feature of this itinerary is the possibility of using the “Votive Aedicules” in an artistic way.

Now you are wondering what are Votive Aedicules? Votive Aedicules are small miniature chapels made on majolica tiles or painted on plaster “to protect” the houses and the inhabitants. Tehy are located along the main roads of Praiano in a direction parallel to the sea, flanked by high dry stone walls, called ‘macere’, by terraces and whitewashed houses.

AgendaPraiano contacted some of the best ceramic artists in the area and asked them to revive and reinforce the concept of “widespread art” (main characteristic of votive Adicules) by drawing inspiration from local places, traditions, values or mythology. In addition, installations have been created that can enhance the Praiano landscape and dialogue with the environment, enriching and enhancing it, just as professed by Gaudi in his utopian project.

Various installations were therefore introduced without altering nature or beauty, but rather enriching them in a harmonious way.

The most interesting thing is that these works were sold to the citizens who made the wall structures available and committed to their maintenance incorporating them into the project.

And last but not least, these works can be admired along the historic Via masa, the most important street of Praiano that leads to the beautiful villas of Masavillas portoflio!

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